The hometown hero never forgot his roots

Kevin has always given back to his hometown of Zanesville since he was young. It came as no surprise that when he entered the NBA, Martin continued to the give back to the community.

Knowing the importance of education, and athletics programs within the schools, Martin has been very kind to the programs he grew up with. He contributed to the Ceremonies held when his elementary school, Wilson Elementary, closed. The gym at Grover Cleveland Middle School was named for Martin in 2007 after numerous donations. His generosity allowed the Middle School to purchase equipment for a weight room, sports equipment, team shoes and bags. Kevin has supported Zanesville High School Athletic Department on many occasions, facilitating the upkeep of uniforms, and equipment. He even treated the basketball team to a dinner following their 2010 State Championship Game.

The classroom is another arena where Martin has stayed active in Zanesville. Additionally, Martin supports the Martin Luther King, Jr. Scholarship. This is an annual $500 award to minority high school seniors at within the county who have a minimum 3.0 gpa, and plan to attend college. The award helps to off set the cost of college textbooks

When the Gus Macker, an annual 3 on 3 basketball tournament comes to Zanesville every summer, Martin makes sure to show his support. His attendance definitely draws a crowd, and Kevin loves to attend, even when not playing, just to give a little something back.

Kevin has reached many others in the community with his charity. He regularly donates signed jerseys, game shoes, and basketballs to variety of charities and fundraisers in Zanesville. The funds raised have helped with sports programs, medical bills for the sick, and many organizations that support those in the community with disorders.

Each year at the Muskingum County Fair, Martin has faithfully purchased a hog and donated it to the Avondale Youth Center in Zanesville.

In December 2009, Martin had been hearing stories of how times were tough for many of the residents of Zanesville. Even though they were trying, many people just could not get ahead financially. Christmas was going to be extremely difficult for many people. ;Kevin treated 10 Zanesville families to a Christmas they would never forget. Dec. 16, 2009 Kevin Martin to provide Christmas joy to 10 families. Read more about it here →

In early June, 2010, Kevin heard of a horrible tragedy that occurred just outside Zanesville. A school bus had flipped over, killing 6 year-old Kasey King-Thomas. He immediately acted, reaching out to the family. Martin offered to assist with the funeral costs, and any thing else the family may need. - June 5, 2010 Houston Rockets' Kevin Martin paying for boy's funeral. Read more about it here →

Several years ago, the city of Zanesville dedicated June 2 as Kevin Martin Day, in part for all that Martin has done to give back to his community. As Martin has said, “in my heart, that day will be Kasey King-Thomas Day.”